Video interview technology is used extensively for hiring purposes by recruitment agencies and other large organisations such as call centres. The Cliptakes video plugin was designed with recruitment in mind, however, our client base from alternative industries is growing rapidly.

The Cliptakes video plugin for WordPress is fully customisable and can easily be adapted to fit most requirements where users require a way to accept videos on their own website. With this in mind, let’s look at how Cliptakes is often used.

Internal Hiring and Recruitment Sales

Most commonly, Cliptakes is used by staffing agencies and internal recruitment teams to accept one-way video interviews from candidates on their own website. Auto-edited videos are shared with clients and internal teams to aid the recruitment process and increase the speed of hiring, often eliminating the need for 2 in-person interviews.

Web Designers (Staffing Websites)

Web designers who specialise in creating websites for recruitment agencies are increasingly using Cliptakes as part of their sales process to attract new business. For years, the biggest selling point was creating an eye-catching site that included an active job board. Now, with Cliptakes available for WordPress, we’re seeing specialist web designers include the option to accept one-way video interviews as part of their offering.

* It’s important to note that Cliptakes does not require professional installation and can be installed, set up and put to use within minutes by even the most basic WordPress users. For detailed documentation, click here.

Online Tutorials/ Explainer Videos

Cliptakes is perfect for creating short online video tutorials or explainer videos. Companies are creating short videos to sell their products or services, presenting each topic in a text slide before transitioning into their pitch and finally a call-to-action slide. Additionally, we’re seeing solo entrepreneurs use Cliptakes to create short Linkedin videos. By using Cliptakes, they cut editing time out and easily create promotional videos for their product or service.

Cliptakes videos are playable for 6 months from the received date. You can use the “Recorded Interviews” tab in your WordPress dashboard to see the remaining time for each video. If you intend on using your video for longer than 6 months, you can download the video before the expiry date.

Cliptakes is increasingly being used for a wide range of purposes. If you think it may be the solution you are looking for, sign-up and take advantage of the 7-day free trial period to test it on your website.