Cliptakes Video Software


There are several options to consider when choosing a method to accept one-way video interviews. Below we look at a few points that make Cliptakes a unique solution for your business. 

WordPress Plugin: Cliptakes works on your Website

Our Cliptakes video software allows you to manage the entire process via your own website. The Cliptakes platform integrates seamlessly into a website page, creating an easy-to-use and impressive platform to start taking video interviews.

We’ve integrated the Cliptakes recording platform, for demo purposes, on our own website here.

Auto-Edited Videos

Cliptakes has been purpose-built for recruitment. Not only does it provide a unique way to take one-way video interviews, but also auto-edits your videos into a finished clip. Completed videos include a branded introduction, question slides (using the questions you have set), and an outro with a custom call-to-action or message.

Completed video interviews are emailed to you, edited, and ready to watch, within minutes of the recording being completed.

What exactly do we mean by auto-edited? Cliptakes automatically creates a completed video of the interview. Each question is presented to the viewer before smoothly transitioning into the recorded answer. Here’s an example of what you will receive:

Embed Videos

Upon completion of the recording, you will receive an email with a link to watch your candidate’s auto-edited video interview. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Cliptakes settings page in your WordPress dashboard, find the interview you wish to embed, and with a simple click of a button, a new page will be created showcasing the video on your site. Rule settings allow you to change the action of the “embed” button to add additional text before the video, save to draft, auto-publish or password protect the published page.

By embedding videos into your own website you keep your brand on constant display setting your recruitment service apart from the rest. 

Free Trial

All Cliptakes subscription memberships include a seven-day free trial. Simply install the plugin, set questions, and get started without worrying about the cost. We understand the importance of ensuring you find the perfect video software, and therefore you cancel at any time within seven days.

Upon completion of your trial, you will move on to a flexible monthly plan and continue benefiting from all Cliptakes has to offer. 


Cliptakes has transparent and easy-to-understand pricing packages. Within minutes, you can choose a Cliptakes subscription, install the plugin and start taking videos. You can view all our Cliptakes video software subscription packages here.