The Cliptakes User Experience

When choosing a video screening tool for your recruitment business, it’s important to pick one that can accommodate recording via various devices.

Requesting videos from candidates but limiting their options to a PC, or having a poor user experience on mobile, will result in fewer video interviews being completed. More so, it’s important to ensure that the service you choose works with your brand and maintains your professional image.

Cliptakes has been robustly tested by recruiters on several devices, with user experience at the forefront of design. Our mobile interface is unique to our PC interface, and Cliptakes will automatically determine which device a candidate is using to ensure they are always met with a fully functional recording platform.

White Label Solution; Video Screening Tool

Cliptakes has reimagined video interviews by providing a way to install software on your own website; keeping everything on-brand. Our Business and Enterprise subscriptions are a complete white label solution in that no Cliptakes branding is present. For both mobile and PC, you will have full control of;

  • The main colour scheme
  • The interview questions
  • All button labels
  • The welcome page text/ colour
  • The privacy policy/ GDPR consent statement (Optional)
  • The logo on the completed video (received via email)
  • The video introduction slide text and;
  • The call-to-action/ outro slide text

Once installed and customised you will have a unique solution for your business to start accepting one-way video interviews. The Cliptakes recording platform integrates seamlessly with your brand and becomes part of your website. Completed videos are branded, received via email within minutes, and available to embed on your website at a click of a button.

Mobile Recording

When recording on a mobile, be it android or IOS, candidates will be met with a clean interface allowing them to either record live or upload a pre-existing recording. Videos are presented back to the candidate to check before allowing them to proceed to the next interview question.

PC/ MAC Recording

Our PC and MAC recording platform includes a recording frame, the ability to watch videos back, trim as desired, or retake if necessary.

The Cliptakes plugin demo can be viewed on your PC, and your mobile, to see the various recording platforms in action. Even better, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to install the Cliptakes WordPress plugin on your website.