WordPress Video Interviews


Accepting video interviews as part of the WP Job Manager process. 

Using Cliptakes to accept one-way video interviews as part of the job application process via WP Job Manager.

We believe using Cliptakes as a stand-alone product is best for recruiters and applicants. With that said, multiple recruiters combine the two plugins to accept video answers from applicants who apply for jobs posted using WPJM.

WP Job Manager relies on an application process, such as requesting that candidates upload their CV or complete a short form to apply. Following the application, web managers either show a confirmation message or add a redirect.

Option 1:

Customise the confirmation message, example;

“Thank you for submitting your application. We would highly recommend strengthening your application by recording a short video introduction here.”

Option 2

Add a redirect! Upon completion it may be beneficial to automatically redirect your candidates to your video interview page. Customise the welcome message within your Cliptakes WordPress settings and explain to candidates why they have been redirected.

Following the recording process you will receive an automated email confirming the candidate has completed their recording. The email will include a link to watch the candidates auto-edited video interview.

Typically, Cliptakes is used to request video introductions from candidates that recruiters have already recruited or are currently in the process of onboarding. By default the Cliptakes plugin only asks candidates to provide their first and last name before recording. If you are using the plugin to request videos from unknown applicants via WP Job Manager, then you may wish to add custom fields requesting further information such as their email, phone number and location.

Get in touch if you wish to arrange a Demo of the Cliptakes plugin with a member of our team.