Video Interview


After installing the Cliptakes Video plugin for WordPress, you will need to choose a set of questions for your candidates to answer. Much like a face-to-face interview, we recommend easing your candidates into the video interview and, especially if you are using videos as marketing, to keep your questions short and to the point.

Requests for candidates to submit video content as part of a job application are becoming increasingly popular. That does not mean to say everyone necessarily loves submitting videos of themselves. By setting short and simple questions on Cliptakes, your candidates will feel more confident with their answers.

Cliptakes allows your candidates to watch their answers back before moving on to the next question, which makes them feel more at ease about the recording process. Setting question 1 to something really simple such as “Start by introducing yourself” will ease them into the interview process, and knowing there are only 3 or 4 questions to cover will give them the confidence to start recording.

It is said that in only a matter of seconds of meeting a candidate, recruiters make their hiring decision. We believe the same about video interviews. With this in mind, do you really need to ask more than 3 or 4 questions?

From a client’s perspective, receiving a short video introduction with a detailed CV is more than enough. Typically, the decision-maker you are trying to reach will be a busy person with limited time. That’s why a short video introduction is best and, more importantly, enough to sell your candidate in for an interview.

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