WordPress Recruitment Plugin


Using video in recruitment puts your business ahead of the competition. The difficulty lies in finding video interview software that is simple to use, inexpensive and automated. For WordPress users, our lightweight Video Interview plugin, Cliptakes, is the answer. Of course, we may be biased, but we believe Cliptakes is the best WordPress recruitment plugin on the market!

In summary, Cliptakes is a video and auto-editing plugin for WordPress that allows hiring managers, recruiters, and business owners to easily set interview questions and take one-way video answers from potential candidates.

It packs a punch! Let’s break that down.

Branded and On-Site Candidate Showcase Videos

Once your candidates have completed their recording, the Cliptakes plugin merges the video, builds question slides, and emails you a link to a completed and ready-to-watch video. You also have the option to embed the video into your own website. Embedding videos into your website and sharing them with potential hiring managers will give your business a professional look, separating you from the competition and allowing your candidates to sell themselves. Couple that with a well-written CV and watch your sales rise.

Impressive On-Site Recording Platform

After installation, you will generate a simple shortcode, in the Cliptakes settings, to paste into your chosen webpage. Typically, users of Cliptakes will direct candidates to a unique page such as www.yourwebsite.com/interview – the choice is yours. After publishing the page, you’re ready to start directing candidates to your new platform. You can see a demo of what the shortcode creates by visiting our demo page.

Auto Edited Videos

The above two points give most of the benefits away, but in case you haven’t guessed it, Cliptakes requires no editing. Your candidates are presented with an easy-to-use trimming tool after recording each of their answers. The trimmed videos are auto merged with question slides to deliver a complete and ready-to-watch video.

Create Multiple Interview Pages

Our Cliptakes PRO subscription allows you to place the Cliptakes recording tool, with varied questions, on up-to 10 WordPress pages.

This makes the Cliptakes plugin an ideal solution for recruiters who specialise in multiple sectors and need to set very specific questions for different types of recruits.

As an example; a recruitment firm specialises in Healthcare and Education. As a result, they generate two Cliptakes shortcodes with different sector-specific questions. Their healthcare professionals are directed to www.yourwebsite.com/healthcare-interview and their education professionals are directed to www.yourwebsite.com/education-interview to complete their video interviews.


Whilst you can embed a Cliptakes video into your own webpage, the actual video files are stored in secure external cloud storage. This means you do not need to worry about saving large video files in your WordPress media gallery, keeping your site running smoothly and at the speed it should.

Our Cliptakes PRO membership includes a 7-day free trial which allows you to install the plugin and freely use the platform on your site. Get started here.