WordPress Video Interviews



At Cliptakes we believe good quality WordPress video interviews support sales in recruitment. Using low quality, badly edited, and large bulky files to send video profiles to your clients has the opposite effect. In addition, asking candidates to record themselves on their phone and spending time editing videos yourself will slow you and your team down.

Using the Cliptakes video interview plugin on your WordPress website guarantees a user friendly and professional recording process. More so, Cliptakes will auto-edit your videos and brand them before emailing you a link to the video, which you can also embed into your own website.

Now that you’ve worked out how to easily start receiving good quality, edited, and branded videos, let’s look at why you should.

Saves Recruiters Time

As a recruiter, both quality and quantity are important. Getting quality in quantity, however, is the trick that many high-performing consultants perfect.

Cliptakes allows consultants to accept video interviews from candidates without any input. Consultants can easily watch a video introduction for a candidate and make a snappy assessment, saving them time.

Recorded video interviews allow your team to identify the strongest and best-suited applicants for their active vacancies, without wasting unnecessary time conducting in-person interviews.

Increased Candidate Recruitment

Typically, the strongest candidates you can find will be employed. Finding time to interview might not always be easy, and a delay in the process may mean missing out on placements.

By requesting a recorded video interview, which the candidate can do in their own time, means you’re more likely to recruit that candidate than the competition. You’ve offered a solution and gained their trust. Winner!

Boosts Sales

Sometimes you meet a candidate who lacks experience and qualifications, yet is perfect for a role. How do you demonstrate what you see in your candidate to your client? You let the candidate do the talking and showcase their personality through video.

Video interviews offer a unique way for consultants to sell and set their candidates apart from the competition. If a client is impressed with a candidate from watching their video, chances are they will get selected to interview first. By using video, you virtually skip the first interview and proceed straight through to the final interview.

Cliptakes has been designed with the recruiter, candidate, and client in mind. Our video interview plugin offers a complete solution from setting interview questions through to receiving edited and branded videos. View the Cliptakes Demo here.