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Cliptakes is a lightweight WordPress plugin with a ton of features. Below you will find a brief description of each feature and instructions on how to use them.

Custom Questions/ Multiple Interview Templates

Cliptakes allows you to set custom questions. The amount of questions you can set depends on your subscription type. Once your questions have been set, you can save them as a “question template”. The number of question templates you can save also depends on your subscription type.

Having multiple question templates with varying questions is beneficial in situations where you need to ask different people, different questions. As an example, you recruit both finance and sales professionals, and therefore create two question templates as follows:

Template 1 (named Finance Questions) has 3 unique questions specifically catered towards the finance industry. You direct your candidates to www.yourwebsite.com/finance-interview to record their answers.

Template 2 (named Sales Questions) has 3 unique questions specifically catered towards the sales industry. You direct your candidates to www.yourwebsite.com/sales-interview to record their answers.

Read our documentation on Setting Interview Templates to get started.

Customisable Recording Platform (Colour and Text)

The Cliptakes recording platform will be integrated into your own website and be used/ seen by all your candidates. By default, the colour scheme will be set to “Cliptakes Blue”. You can easily change the default colour scheme in the plugin general settings.

You can also easily change the welcome and privacy policy wording.

Customisable Video Branding (Logo and Text)

Within minutes of a candidate completing their recording, you will receive an email with a link to their auto-edited video. By default, the video will have the Cliptakes logo and call to action outro text: “This video was recorded using Cliptakes”.

If you have subscribed to our Business or Enterprise subscription, you can upload your own logo (which will be displayed on a white background) and customise the text on the outro slide in the Cliptakes settings.

Unique ‘Email Address’ Notifications

Received videos can be directed to the requesting consultant using this feature. By default, all video links will be emailed to the email address used during your account creation (this may be changed in your subscription settings on our website).

Embed Videos (Your Website)

Video email notifications include a web link to watch the video. Additionally, you have the option to easily embed the video into a new WordPress page on your website. To do this, simply navigate to your Cliptakes settings within WordPress and find the “Recorded Interviews” tab. Find the interview listing you wish to embed and hover over it to display the “Embed (New Page)” button. When clicked, Cliptakes will automatically create a new page on your website with the embedded video.

Received Video Summary/ Dashboard

Integrated into your Cliptakes plugin settings is a list of all received videos with their unique web link, embed link and candidate name (all searchable). Additionally, the received video summary page has the date the video was received and states the date of expiry. Each Cliptakes video is playable for 6 months only, however, you will also have a ‘download link’ available to you should you wish to privately store it for a longer period.