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To get started using Cliptakes, you will need to set questions for candidates to answer. After setting questions, you will be given a shortcode to place into a WordPress page of your choice, which generates the Cliptakes recording platform.

Create a new template

To set questions, navigate to the Cliptakes menu item in your WordPress dashboard and click on “Interview Templates”. 

Click “Add Interview Template” and set a template name.

Set your questions by filling in one question per box. To add more questions, simply click “Add Question”. It’s best to keep your questions short, as viewers will have limited time to read the question before it transitions into the recorded answer.

Customise the intro and call-to-action

The intro slide contains the first text viewers will see before starting your video. By default, Cliptakes sets this to: Video Introduction: [FirstName] [LastName]. You can amend this using the placeholders as desired.

The final call-to-action text is your opportunity to tell viewers the next steps (how to get in touch), or alternatively, it’s a good place to add your company slogan.

Add the video interview to your website

Once you are happy with your interview template, click “Save Template” and copy the unique shortcode that is generated at the top of the page. Paste the shortcode into a page of your choice (example: www.yourwebsite.com/interview) and click “preview changes” to view your new interview platform.