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Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort.

Recording Platform Shortcode

Cliptakes will automatically generate a unique shortcode for each interview template you create. An example of this shortcode is;

[cliptakes_interview templateId="3671xiLdH234ei0Z4n"]

Once generated, you will simply paste this into a new page on your website, name your page (example; www.yourwebsite.com/interview) and click save. That’s it! Your recording platform is now live and available to share with candidates to start accepting video interviews.

Sign-up Form Shortcodes

You can navigate to the Cliptakes settings page in your WordPress dashboard to customise the “Sign-up” form on your recording platform. The available shortcodes to use are:


This shortcode will generate a box for your candidates to provide their first name.


This shortcode will generate a box for your candidates to provide their last name.


This shortcode will generate a tick box for your candidates to agree to and confirm they have read your privacy policy.

Custom Fields (Sign-up Form)

You may wish to collect additional information from your candidates to the standard ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ fields. You can achieve this by using our Cliptakes custom input field shortcode:  [cliptakes_custom_input label="New Input"]

You can add as many input fields as you require using this shortcode by simply changing the “label”-parameter. If you also wish to change the placeholder text of the empty input field then you can use the optional “placeholder”-parameter. Example:

[cliptakes_custom_input label="Phone #" placeholder="Your Phone Number"]

would generate:

By default these new input fields are mandatory, a candidate cannot submit the form without filling in these new fields. If you wish to make a custom input field optional then please add optional=true to the shortcode: [cliptakes_custom_input label="Some Additional Information" optional=true]

All collected information will be added to the email notification you receive after a candidate submits their video resume. Further examples:

Email: [cliptakes_custom_input label="Email" placeholder="Your Email Address"]
City: [cliptakes_custom_input label="City"]
State/ Province: [cliptakes_custom_input label="State/Province"]


Intro Slide Text Shortcodes

This will be the opening slide on your final video. The available shortcodes for this section simply allow you to add the candidate’s first and, or last name:


[Last Name]

As a default, Cliptakes sets this to:

Video Introduction: [FirstName] [LastName]