Recruitment Software In the Digital Age:  Why Video Resumes and Interviews are taking off.

As the technological world evolves, so does recruitment. With the evolution of recruitment software, virtual recruitment screenings and video resumes have taken off, and there has been a larger increase in candidates applying for job roles. Some may disagree with the benefits technology has to offer for recruitment processes and strategies; however, it has shown how beneficial technology is to both employers and potential candidates. 

Gen Z and Technology: 

Over the past few years, Interviews have transformed due to recruitment software and modern social norms. As Gen Z enters the workforce, recruiters must adapt to recognize their digital entrepreneurial preferences. Implementing technology like virtual interviews and video resumes not only favours Gen Z but also creates further inclusivity for those who may struggle to attend face-to-face interviews. 

Video CVs: Showcasing Personality + Employer Benefit:

Using video gives candidates a chance to show off their skills, personality, and creativity. Instead of just relying on text on paper, they can use video to demonstrate their communication skills, enthusiasm, and compatibility for the role.

For employers, video resumes offer a better look at candidates early in the hiring process. They can see not just qualifications but also presentation style, professionalism, and how well the candidate might fit into the company. This helps recruiters make smarter choices about who to bring in for interviews, saving both time and resources. 

There are many factors to consider when crafting an effective video resume, from script writing to editing. It is important to be prepared. Read through this 10-step guide to creating a powerful resume: 

Video Interviews: 

In addition to video resumes, video interviews have gained popularity, especially with the increase in remote and hybrid work. Advancements in video screen technology, such as Cliptakes, have made virtual interviews both convenient and cost-effective for employers and candidates. 

Video interviews allow a larger number of candidates to apply no matter their location, this benefits the employer as they have a higher chance of finding the perfect match for their company as they can reach many potential hires. They also facilitate better collaboration among hiring teams, as multiple interviewers can join from different places. 


Video resumes and interviews offer advantages for organizations committed to inclusive and effective recruitment practices, especially for those candidates with disabilities. By exploring video opportunities, employers can create a more accessible and diverse hiring process. 

These methods not only demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity but also encourage a wider range of candidates to apply. Employers should provide job listings in various formats and allow alternative application methods, however, if companies were to focus solely on digital recruitment screening,  this would be an unfair advantage to those of older generations, as they may not provide the digital skills required. 


Video interviews offer significant benefits for both candidates and employers. Cliptakes offers custom branding so employers can integrate an impressive, on-brand video recording platform into their website to accept one-way video interviews. 

This allows candidates to showcase their skills and personality directly. Employers can easily customize interview questions and create multiple templates for different roles, ensuring an efficient process. 

Additionally, time-limited answers and auto-edited branded videos make the process quick and professional. With secure cloud storage and unique shareable links, videos can be easily reviewed by the entire team! Custom intros and call-to-action slides further personalize the experience, making video interviews a powerful tool for improving digital recruitment. Start with Cliptakes for free today: